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Hi! Hola!

Let me introduce. I was born in Annecy (France), and moved in Strasbourg for 7 years before coming back in Annecy. I am now a 29 years old web developer and photographer, on a personal and professional life transition.

My interest about photography started early but for some reason, I've only started to practice more or less recently. After using a compact camera for a while, I was quickly frustrated by the inability to "control" the render of my photographies and the feeling of doing nothing but pressing a button. In summer 2007 I decided to buy a better one and a friend of mine advised me to switch to a DSLR and purpose me the Canon 400D as a first choice. A tiny compulsive purchase later, I entered the world of photography... literally fell into it. I learned quickly and my passion for photography has grown, so I've bought new lenses and accessories, changed my body for a Canon 50D, then for a Canon 5D mark II that I still use.

I sometimes accept some different kind of shootings and cover a few weddings during summers.
My work in wedding photography and portraits can be seen here : http://photos.legibe.com.

Oh, I hope you'll enjoy my work and wish you a good day!

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