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It was funny to see this old limousine parked here yesterday, so i went back to take a shoot of it at night. This is probably the first time i see a limousine here excepting in big cities (Paris, New York, London), this is really uncommon!
I know that i post a lot of old cars photographies, but the paradox is i'm really not an amateur of cars in general. Unlike most of men, i don't dream about having a sport car etc... The fact is just : those old cars are really fucking photogenic!
Rue des roses, Bischheim - Bas-Rhin (France)
Keywords for this photo : old, car, limousine, white, night, cadillac, fleetwood
Camera : Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Lens : Canon 17-40mm f4 L
Focal length : 17mm
Exposure : 3/10
Aperture : 5.6
ISO speed : 5000
Date : 2011/04/20 03:38
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